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Written by Kelly Pitts-August 7, 2020

Just like marijuana, hookah has long been associated with smoking, socialization and counterculture-but can you smoke marijuana from a hookah? The answer is yes, of course you can, but there are several important factors to consider first. We will discuss everything you need to know about how to smoke marijuana from a hookah so that you can make the most of your experience.

A hookah is a type of water pipe commonly used for smoking tobacco (commonly called hookah) or marijuana. Unlike using a lighter or torch to burn plant material directly, hookahs work by heating coal and placing them on a bowl filled with plant material. Inhaling from the nozzle of the hose will draw heat from the coal on the bowl. This will cause the plant resin to evaporate and produce smoke for users to inhale.

The name "shisha" originated in Hindustan, and there are many theories about how this legendary smoking tradition developed. Some people believe that hookah was invented by a Persian doctor in India during the Mughal Empire, while others believe that it originated in Persia during the Safavid dynasty.

The hookah is characterized by its complicated design, including one or more hoses and a water reservoir. Most traditional hookahs have the following components:

Bowl: Similar to the bowl head in a tobacco pot, but usually larger. This is where you pack hookah or herbs.

Windshield: Many modern hookah users use perforated tin foil, but some hookahs are equipped with specially designed windshields. This component suspends coal above the hookahs, allowing them to heat but not burn herbs.

Plate: The plate is located under the bowl and windshield, and is used to catch the ashes that fall from the coal.

Underwater: The vase-shaped main structure (called the base or basin) is filled with water to cool the smoke and filter out some impurities.

Hose: A long flexible tube connected to the rod of the hookah at one end and connected to the mouthpiece at the other end.

Purge valve: This valve is an opening that allows you to blow old smoke out of the water chamber.

Absolutely! Hookah full of marijuana is a well-loved pastime, especially popular among friends. Like all marijuana consumption methods, smoking marijuana from a hookah has both advantages and disadvantages.

One benefit is taste: Combining cannabis with flavored hookah can add a layer of pleasant flavor, thereby enhancing the smoking experience. Hookahs with multiple hoses are also great for sharing. Unlike other types of water pipes, a multi-bar hookah can be used by multiple people at a time.

When considering smoking marijuana from a hookah, you must understand some of the limitations of this method. First of all, caring for hookahs is a delicate dance. Ensuring that the coal is properly ignited and maintained at the optimal temperature is important for the quality of the experience, and it may take multiple studies to master it. Without proper technology, you may waste cannabis. 

Compared with other smoking devices, hookahs are not so easy to obtain or convenient. Although you can usually find hand pipes or small pipes or aerators in the main store or even convenience stores, it is more difficult to find quality waterpipes. Compared with other smoking tools, they also tend to be heavier and have more moving parts, which makes them less convenient on the go.

Another important consideration is the use of tobacco products. Tobacco is the basis of hookah. It contains carcinogenic ingredients and nicotine, which has proven to be addictive. If you tend to avoid smoking, you may wish to stay away from hookahs or choose tobacco-free hookahs.

 A clean hookah is essential. Even if your hookah is brand new, rinse it to remove dust or other unwanted particles. It is especially important to clean used hookahs, because the remaining residue will affect the smell of the smoke.

Remove the rod of the hookah, and then fill the bottom with water about 1/3 of the distance. Too much water can make it difficult to pull out of the hose. Some people choose a combination of water and ice to get a cool twist. Replace the valve stem and make sure it is firmly connected.

 Insert the hose into the respective opening and check the connection. A leaking hose will spoil your experience. Before lighting, place the mouthpiece on your lips and inhale. If it is difficult to pump water, remove some water from the basin.

People who smoke hookah rarely fill up their bowls with marijuana. The glycerin or molasses used to make hookahs helps slow the rate at which plant matter heats up and is eventually consumed. Fill the bowl loosely with a small layer of hookah of your choice, then add the amount of cannabis you want. Fill the rest of the bowl with looser hookah. Avoid pressing hard, as this will restrict air flow.

 If you use a manufactured windshield, you only need to install it on the top. If you use aluminum foil to make your own windshield, wrap a small piece of aluminum foil over the entire opening of the bowl. Use a pen or other sharp object to poke a small hole on the top of the aluminum foil to allow air to circulate. Place the covered bowl on top of the plate for the hookah.

Use a pat torch or other strong flame to ignite the coal on the heat-resistant surface. When the coal no longer emits sparks and shows a red-orange light, they can be used. Use metal tongs to place them on top of the aluminum foil or windshield. Without obstructing air flow, place as much coal as possible to cover the top of the bowl.

Wait 3 to 4 minutes for the hot coals to heat up the hookah and marijuana. After this, pull from the mouthpiece. If the smell of smoke is very weak and there is no smell, please wait a while. If the hookah has a burnt smell, remove a few pieces of coal and let the bowl cool slightly.

Enjoy long, slow smoking from your hookah until the taste fades. If you share with friends, remember to use your own mouthpiece to avoid the spread of pathogens.

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